• Question: Has a UFO ever come to Earth?

    Asked by Mehak Ahmad to Andrew, Ian, Kathryn, Leah-Nani, Xu on 20 Jun 2018.
    • Photo: Leah-Nani Alconcel

      Leah-Nani Alconcel answered on 20 Jun 2018:

      No. UFO sightings have later been explained by things such as testing of classified military aircraft, particularly when stealth technology was being developed.

    • Photo: Kathryn Burrows

      Kathryn Burrows answered on 20 Jun 2018:

      If they have they were very rude and did not call to let us know what time to expect them!

      I think Leah-Nani has given the correct answer already.

    • Photo: Andrew Margetts-Kelly

      Andrew Margetts-Kelly answered on 21 Jun 2018:

      There’s been plenty of UFO’s (Unidentified Flying Objects); but there hasn’t been any UFO’s like in the movies where they are spaceships with aliens onboard. If there was and we found out about it, it would then be an IFO (Identified Flying Object) 🙂